Signal #1 – The Most Simple (& Realistic) Way To Plan Your Social Media

September 17, 2022

Today, I am going to show you how you can plan your social media strategy from scratch even if you don’t understand the technical jargons. In one of his video “Dan Lok” said that

“If you are not searchable, you are not hireable”

There are thousands of potential customers out there searching online for the services you offer. But if you are not searchable , how can they find, how they can hire you?

  • Your prospect will come to you, instead of you going to them
  • You will get a lot of traffic which can be converted into dollars.

Unfortunately, most of the people and even brands doesn’t understand this easy topic and get overwhelmed with the information overload.

You need to get in front of your audience, that’s how they would come to know that you exist in the universe

But most of you struggle to even start your social media presence or be consistent because of one or more reasons:

  • Don’t know what to do in social media.
  • Don’t have the right strategy.
  • You find it overwhelming.
  • You are confused.
  • Should you create a TikTok account? Youtube? Would Twitter Spaces work for your business? Go live on Instagram ?

Step 1: Don’t start with audience research

I know, most of the gurus say this, and that is the only reason why most of the people get stuck on first place. Why I am saying this ?

They are on facebook & Instagram. They go to YouTube as well.

Some of them check LinkedIn too.

TikTok used to be a platform for dance videos. But today, all most every creator & brand share their educational content there.

Your audience is everywhere, but how they consume content is different on every platform.

  • If they want a quick Entertainment or Information – they scroll Instagram or Tiktok
  • If they want to learn something – they go to YouTube
  • If they want to connect with the professionals – they go to LinkedIn
  • If they want to share quick thought – they might go for a Tweet

The person is same, but the objective of consuming content is different on every platform.

Step 2: Find the specific objective

People & brands just want to be on social media, but don’t know why (its true). Just think of situation , where you are driving but don’t about the destination.

How will you calculate how much time you have to drive, how much gas you needed. You can’t.

What can be measured, can be improved and achieved.

There are 4 main objectives to be on social media, which needs to be prioritised.

  1. – You want to get known (Brand Awareness)
  2. – You want to build connections (Followers & Engagement)
  3. – You want to make more money (Lead generation, Sales)
  4. – You want to serve your audience (Customer Service)

Step 3: Choose Platform

Based on all the 2 steps explained above, choose the right social media platform for you or for your brand.

I hope this post clears the fundamentals of social media. 

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What do you think?

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